Jaggu Bhagwanpuria gang claims responsibility for Gurdeep Pehalwan’s murder via Facebook post

The Hush Post: Jaggu Bhagwanpuria gang has claimed responsibility for the killing of Congress councillor from Amritsar Gurdeep Singh Pehalwaan.

A post has emerged from a facebook account of one Sangam Malhotra which suggests that Jaggu Bhagwanpuri has taken the responsibility.

The post says that councillor Gurdeep was responsible for the murder of Sangam Malhotra and that they have paid back in the same coin. The posts also goes on to say that Gurdeep, because of his political links scuttled the complaint which should have been registered with the police against him. Sangam, it was believed, was killed in a blind murder, though later some arrests were made including of a man named Shamil with whom Sangam had some old enemity.Sangam

However, Jaggu Bhagwanpuri gang has said that the Congress councillor from Amritsar was responsible for Sangam Malhotra’s death. Gurdeep Pehalwan was shot dead four days ago by three armed persons at Gole Bagh stadium here on Saturday evening.

Gurdeep Pehalwan was a councillor from ward number 50. He had gone to the stadium for his wrestling practice. It was then that he was fired at by three persons at around 7.15 pm.  He reportedly sustained six bullet injuries, three in the stomach. Pehalwan went to the akhara every day for practice and was always accompanied by 4 gunmen. When the incident took place his gunmen were not around. “Before fleeing the arena, the accused also opened fire in the air. As many 17 shots were fired,” ADCP Lakhbir Singh said.

He had received threats from gangster Jaggu Bhagwanpuria in July, 2015. Sanjeev Kumar alias Babba was killed by Jaggu’s gang in Batala in 2014. Pehalwan was considered close to Babba. Another notorious gangster who was caught recently had hinted that Gurdip Pehlwan was on Jaggu’s hit list.

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