Drones used to supply drugs from Pakistan to bordering villages in Punjab

Smuggling through drone

The Hush Post: Here is an out of the box way to smuggle heroin from Pakistan to India. Drones are being used to smuggle contraband of heroin and other drugs. From the days of heroin packets hurled along with discus throw discs as shown in the movie Udta Punjab, it has graduated to drones landing in Punjab villages along the Punjab border.

The intelligence wing of BSF confirmed that smugglers have been found using a drone in a border village in Gurdaspur. A plastic bag, believed to be packed with narcotic substances, was tied to the drone and took a flight of around 200 metres. Since it was detected, the drone was quickly drawn back into Pakistan without delivering, but it was enough to alert BSF authorities about the latest innovation in drug supply. The drone was noticed near the border outposts of ‘Saharan.’

BSF officials said this is the second such innovation adopted by the smugglers apart from using trained scuba divers to carry contraband across the border through the riverine gaps in the Satluj and Ravi.

BSF has to take care of more than 345-mile India-Pakistan border adjoining Punjab. As per the intelligence agencies, heroin-smuggling is an issue of concern in Ferozepur, Abohar, Gurdaspur and Amritsar districts.

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