Breaking: AAP leader Harwinder Hinda’s wife & 3 more arrested by police

Harvinder Hinda

The Hush Post: Police has arrested wife of Harwinder Hinda, the slain Aam Aadmi Party leader from Bathinda. Apart from Hinda’s wife, three more people have also been detained. She was taken into custody by CIA staff for questioning.

Hinda was shot dead in his house at Gill Kalan on September 10, 2018.

Earlier, Hinda’s wife Kiranjit said that he had dinner with three men at a dhaba on the day he died. Later, he returned home at about 11.20 pm on Sunday.

She said that “Hinda asked her and their son to sleep on the first floor, saying the three men will sleep in the house too. On Monday, about 5.30am, when she came to her husband’s room, she found him dead. The three men had vanished,” the SSP added. He refuted claims of the AAP that the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) of the CCTVs at the dhaba where the men had gone for dinner had been stolen. “The dhaba owner has told police that the CCTVs were not functional,” he added.Harvinder Hinda

Earlier, opposition parties had hit out at the Congress-led Punjab government, accusing it of “murdering democracy.” They alleged that the parties resorted to (hooliganism) to stop their candidates from participating in the polls.

The (AAP), SAD(B) and the BJP questioned the role of the State Election Commission. It said that there is no likelihood of fair and free polls. They also alleged that it was working under “pressure” of the state government.

They claimed that the candidatures of their nominees at most of the places were rejected on “flimsy grounds with mala fide intention”, reducing the entire polls to a sham.

Hinda had filed nomination from the Gill Kalan zone. He was found dead with injuries on the back of his head. Bathinda SSP Nanak Singh said, “The victim seems to have been hit with a blunt object on the back of his head. There was also an injury mark on his eye. Two empty liquor bottles were also found in his room.”


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