In a shocking incident, Central University Bhathinda student Sushant dies while playing basketball

Sushant Sagar

The Hush Post: In a shocking incident, a Central University student from Bhathinda died while playing  basketball in the university campus.

Sushant Sagar, a student of biochemistry, MSc second year collapsed on the basketball ground. Students, who were playing with him thought he had just passed out or had fallen unconscious. However, when he didn’t get up, they tried to move him but he stayed collapsed.

The students reported the matter to the authorities but the ambulance could not be arranged in time to ensure he reaches the hospital in the golden hour.

Meanwhile, the students of Central University came out on the streets today to agitate against the university officials for their negligence. They allege that had he been moved to the hospital in time, they would have been able to save him.

The allegations are that the driver of the ambulance could not be traced for as long as 45 minutes and that proved to be very crucial. Also the university authorities did not take the issue in all its seriousness and kept delaying as a result he died.

Sushant is a resident of Saharsa in Bihar and was physically strong enough and would exercise daily and had no history of heart ailment or any such disease in the past.



    • We protest againt the university administration but still after the discussion with SDM and CO, Inspector (POLICE) we got dead body at 7:30 PM today. Finally we arranged ambulance and send dead body to saharsha (Bihar).

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