Dharmendra says he wouldn’ have allowed Sunny Deol to contest if he knew whom he was pitted against

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Had Dharmendra known whom his son was pitted against, Sunny Deol wouldn’t have contested the Lok Sabha elections from Gurdaspur. Sunny Deol is BJP candidate from Gurdaspur and is taking on Sunil Jakhar of the Congress.

Dharmendra has revealed that Sunil Jakhar’s father Balram Jakhar was like his brother he would have asked his son to refrain from contesting.

“Balram Jakhar was like my brother. Had I known his son Sunil Jakhar was contesting from Gurdaspur, I would have not allowed Sunny (to contest against him),” news agency ANI quoted Dharmendra as saying.

The 83-year-old veteran thespian admitted that Sunny Deol cannot debate with Sunil Jakhar as he has just entered politics.

He said, “Sunny cannot debate with him as he (Sunil) is an experienced politician and even his father was a very experienced politician, but we come from the film industry. Moreover, we are not here to debate but to listen to the plight of people as we love this land.”

Notably, Sunny Deol has been consistently saying that he is contesting the polls as he wants to serve the people. He has avoided speaking on national issues which has rendered him a soft target for the opposition.

“I do not know much about issues like Balakot strikes or India’s relations with Pakistan. I am here to serve people; if I win maybe I will have an opinion, right now I don’t,” he had said during one of his campaigns last week.

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