Granthi of a gurdwara arrested for beating up nine-year-old boy

granthi beats child
A granthi of a gurdwara has been arrested for beating up a nine-yr-old boy in Sunam.

The Hush Post: A ‘Granthi’ (narrator) of a local gurdwara at Sunam in Sangrur district of Punjab has been arrested for beating up a nine-year-old boy. The boy Jasminder Singh had been living in the gurdwara premises for the last three years along with his 12-year-old elder brother after they lost their father about three years ago.

The teachers in the government primary school, where the child studies, were the first ones to notice marks of thrashing on his back. They enquired about the beating from the boy and his brother, made a video of the boy, called up local social workers who reached there and reported the matter to the police.

The police said that they had received a complaint in this regard on Thursday. A case has been registered against granthi Sher Singh under section 323 of the IPC and sections of the Juvenile Justice Act.

In his poor defence, the Granthi claimed that the boy had entered the central hall of the gurdwara without washing his hands, so he had just slapped him.

The mother of the children, Sonia, had left them in the care of the Gurdwara Nanaksar on Aara Kalara Kacha Paha in Sunam after the death of her husband as she could not fend enough money for their studies and upbringing. After she was informed about the incident, she took the boys along with her from the local shelter home where they had been kept after the matter came to light.

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