Here’s how Ludhianvis can do their bit in feeding the hungry and helpless

The Hush Post: Every year, dozens of weddings take place in Ludhiana, and hundreds of people attend these weddings. Every year, tonnes of food is prepared for the guests, and tonnes of it is wasted as well. Food wastage is a serious concern in the city.

This, while are there are so many others who go to sleep on an empty stomach.

And it is not just about weddings. Many other social functions, family gatherings, religious functions etc keep happening in the city throughout the year, and a lot of uneaten food is dumped.

Taking note of this fact, a city based NGO called ‘Ek Noor Sewa Kendra’ has started a project called “Neki Di Gaddi” (A vehicle for Autism).

A mobile van that will collect leftover Vegetarian food from various functions, Neki Di Gaddi will then distribute this food wherever required. These places can include the railway station, where everyday, hundreds of people have to sleep on an empty stomach in the most pitiable conditions. Attendants of patients waiting outside hospitals will also be fed food by the mobile van.

People organising a function can simply give a call on the helpline number prior to the event, and once the event has finished, Neki Di Gaddi will arrive at your doorstep to collect the uneaten food.

Let’s take a pledge to save food from getting wasted. Every small effort counts.

Helpline numbers:

+91 99075 60000

+91 98884 90320



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