Jagraon Police foil clash of two dreaded gangs, arrest 6 gangsters fighting for supremacy in Raikot

6 rookie criminals from “Yaaran Da Group” on WhatsApp on caught along with deadly weapons by cops

The Hush Post, Jagraon: Ludhiana Rural Police (Jagraon Police) claimed to have achieved a major breakthrough in averting a clash of two dreaded gangs which were fighting for supremacy in Raikot under Ludhiana Rural (Jagraon) police district. The police have arrested six gangsters along with deadly weapons including firearms with live cartridges and sharp-edged weapons. The gang members had formed a WhatsApp group called “Yaaran Da Group”.

Ludhiana Rural (Jagraon) SSP Surjit Singh with other police personnel with the arrested gang members (with faces covered) and the weapons seized from them. -The Hush Post

The arrested gangsters have been identified as Tejinder Singh alias Gullu, Harpreet Singh alias Happy, Ranjit Singh alias Manga, Aakash Kumar alias Kaku, Mandeep Singh alias Mani and Sukhdev Singh alias Sukha.All are residents of Sudhar and Raikot areas.  The police have seized 9 pistols, 28 live cartiridges, some intoxicating pills, syringes, one sword, two khandas and three tokas (both sharp-edged weapons) from the arrested gangsters.

Announcing their arrest, Ludhiana Rural SSP Surjit Singh said two gangs, one headed by Tejinder Singh alias Golu and other headed by Sukhdev Singh alias Sukha are vying to rule Raikot for executing their plans of extortions and snatchings. The Sukha group had recently sent an audio message to the Gullu group not to oprate in the Raikot area and leave the same. In reply, Gullu group had made a video clip of their weapons and sent the same to the Sukha group. Recently, the Gullu group had broken the arm of Sukha and had threatened him not to report the matter to police.

Now, the second gang had fixed a time and decided to make a gang-war and had gathered at a place to execute the attack on its rival gang. The police received secret information on time and nabbed the gangsters within 20 minutes. On arresting the above said accused in time, police claim to have prevented major incidents, which may have occurred due to the clash of both the gangs.

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