Jalandhar Administration makes dope test mandatory for fresh/renewal of arms licences

The Hush Post: The Jalandhar District Administration has made it mandatory for applicants interested in renewal or fresh arms licences to undergo a dope test. This move has been initiated to check misuse of licenced weapons.

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Talking about this the Jalandhar Deputy Commissioner Varinder Kumar Sharma said: “As per the directions of the state government it would be compulsory for every new applicant or somebody seeking renewal of his/her weapon licence to go for a dope test.’’ The dope test would be conducted by the Health authorities in the district for which necessary instructions have been issued to them.

As per a report on news website Babushahi.com the Deputy Commissioner added that the dope test would ensure that the applicant was not consuming any sort of psychotropic drug that could prove fatal to society. He said that after clearing the dope test the new applicant or anyone who has filed application for renewal would be given the licence.  Sharma said that the relevant directions of the Home department regarding this have been passed onto every concerned department.

The Deputy Commissioner said that the necessary provisions regarding this have already been made in Arms Act 1959 and rules 2016. He said that as per this for getting fresh or renewal of arms licence the form S-3 has to be duly certified by the Health authorities after conducting the dope test of the applicant.

The Centre had earlier introduced mandatory drug test for weapons licences. Punjab has the unique distinction of having the highest number of arms licence holders in the country. As per new Arms rules notified on July 15, 2016, by the Ministry of Home Affairs, an applicant needs to be examined by a medical practitioner for mental health and physical fitness with “specific mention that the applicant is not dependent on intoxicating or narcotic substance”.

Bathinda district administration had adopted this new resolution earlier itself.

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