“Withdraw rape case, get land, building, better posting,” Catholic Priest to nun on behalf of Jalandhar Bishop

Franco Mulakkal granted bail

The Hush Post: In the alleged nun rape case of Kerala, the family of the nun has alleged that a priest called up to offer land and even a better posting if she withdrew her rape complaint against a Bishop.

A purported audio conversation between the two has emerged, leading to reports that there has been an attempt to strike a compromise.

A phone call was reportedly made to a friend of the nun and is now being investigated by the police. The audio of the alleged phone call to a nun who has stood by the rape survivor has been leaked. In her complaint to Kottayam police, the 46-year-old nun had alleged that Jalandhar Bishop Franco Mullackal sexually abused her multiple times between 2014 and 2016. She went to the police only after the Bishop filed a complaint against her and five others, accusing them of threatening and blackmailing him.  The nun claimed that she had raised the issue with the church authorities first but when no action was taken, she thought of going to the police.

In the audiotape, a man who introduces him as a Kerala priest can be heard mediating with the victim’s friend, who is also a nun, on the bishop’s behalf. He can be heard trying to convince the friend to ask the nun to take back her complaint. He goes on to suggest that the Jalandhar diocese, where the accused bishop is posted, would help them if they withdrew the case. He can be heard offering land, building, safety and a better ‘posting’ in return.

As per The News Minute, this audio conversation is between Father James Erthayil attached to the Kanjirappallly diocese of Carmelites of Mary Immaculate and Sister Anupama from the Missionaries of Jesus in Kottayam.

“If you all are adamant on your stand, this won’t happen. If you withdraw your complaint and go to one of your convents in Odisha, Andhra, threats may arise. But if you move independently and go under some other Bishop, there won’t be any threats…I can’t do everything…we can buy some land, build a house, shift them. They will support. I suggested this because they have said they will support,” he can be heard saying.

The nun asks who will “support” the family, the Jalandhar Diocese? He answers with a “yes”. The nun refuses and says the complaint won’t be withdrawn. “We must get justice. We don’t desire to lose any life, or sell our dignity,” she says. According to NDTV, the complainant’s family said, “We have been waiting for justice from the church. We are not worried about the lives of our children. When someone becomes a nun or priest, they are willing to lay down everything for Christ. But there are many Judas’ in the church, ready to betray Christ and people.”

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