Leopard in residential area in Jalandhar, 5 injured; WATCH VIDEOS

leopard seen in Lamma, Jalandhar
The Hush Post | o6:00 pm| 1-min-read
A leopard entered a residential area in Jalandhar which caused panic among locals on Thursday. The incident took place in Lamma village. The locals first spotted an animal who looked to be from the family of cats. But soon after when it entered the residential area, they discovered that it was a leopard.

The villagers informed the wildlife department and a team has arrived at the spot to capture it. So far, five people have been injured, many of them were mere onlookers, who wanted to witness the entire drama of how the leopard is caught. Eventually, they came in contact with a furious leopard and were hurt.

The leopard is finally caught: WATCH VIDEO

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