Attempt to molest female patient at Samrala Civil Hospital; authorities try to hush up matter; SDM marks inquiry

Attempt to molest female patient at Samrala Civil Hospital; authorities try to hush up matter; SDM marks inquiry
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SK Shourie, Khanna: An employee at the Civil Hospital, Samrala allegedly tried to molest a female patient a couple of days ago.

The victim girl, who hails from Shamgarh village, reported the matter to her parents. And her parents brought this in the notice of the hospital authorities and then efforts started to shield the accused employee. Suddenly, a compromise was arrived at between both sides that the alleged victim’s parents withdrew the complaint.

According to available reports, a 21-year-old girl had been admitted to the Civil Hospital, Samrala last week. She had reportedly suffered from typhoid. The girl alleged that a couple of days ago, a hospital employee tried to molest her in the night. The girl told her parents about this and the latter brought the matter in the notice of hospital authorities.

The girl even got her statement recorded but did not sign it as the matter was reportedly compromised between the two sides. Then the girl suddenly suffered an epilepsy attack and was referred to the PGI Chandigarh.

As per available information, the victim alleged in her complaint to the hospital authorities that on Thursday night an employee of the hospital tried to sexually abuse her. But she raised an alarm and reported that matter to her parents and the authorities of Civil Hospital, Samrala. After her complaint, the hospital authorities constituted a committee which took the statement of the victim. But she did not sign her statement.

The sources said a compromise has been arrived at between the accused employee and the victim’s parents and the girl did not sign her statement although the alleged acc. And the victim did not put her signatures on the complaint under this compromise.

When the committee was taking the statements of the victim, she suddenly suffered a massive attack of epilepsy and was referred to PGI for treatment.

Officiating SMO Dr Tarikjot said that a two-member committee comprising of two female doctors had initiated its probe but then it was stopped as the girl did not sign her statement. Dr Tarikjot said that they had come to know that now the girl had taken back her complaint. He said that they could take any action in this regard after the report of the committee and had the victim signed her statement.

When contacted, SDM Samrala Geetika Singh said that she had taken the statement of the victim and she changed her previous statement against the said hospital employee. The SDM said that she had marked an inquiry in this regard to the SMO Samrala and will take action after getting a report from the hospital authorities.

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