270 school children escape major fire which set ablaze Queensland Water & Amusement Park in Khanna; WATCH VIDEO

khanna fire

The Hush Post: A major fire engulfed Queensland Water and Amusement Park in Khanna, Punjab today. As a result of the fire it was destroyed to plastic rubble within an hour.

Thankfully there was a major escape to the about 270 school children who had come in five buses for picnic in the afternoon. About an hour or a little more after the school children exited the water park, there was fire in the park and soon the flames leapt into the sky.

Sources say the flames seem to have come from the nearby agricultural fields where the residue of crops which is usually burnt crossed over into the water and amusement park. It came in touch with plastic and spread wildly. Such was the fire that it became a site to watch for the locals of Khanna who initially thought that it was a fire emanating from some field. But the fire and smoke was visible as it scraped into the sky.

The fire brigade officials said that the No Objection Certificate had not been procured by the owner from the fire department or either it wasn’t renewed. The architecture of the park is such that the fire vehicles weren’t able to enter the premises. The fire officer from Khanna said that fire brigade vehicles from the nearby Samrala and Mandi Gobindgarh were also alerted and driven to extinguish the fire. The park owner did not have the NOC from the Pollution Control Board.


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