Only a handful frustrated NRI Sikhs backing Referendum 2020 and misguiding Sikh youths: Payal MLA Lakha

Says intelligent Sikhs would not let ISI’s ulterior motives to get successful

The Hush Post, Khanna: Terming the Referendum 2020 being organised in London as the handiwork of Pakistan’s ISI, Payal MLA Lakhbir Singh Lakha warned that handful of people should not try to misguide the Sikh youth. In a statement issued today, MLA Lakha said that a handful of frustrated ISI-backed Sikhs abroad, who are themselves enjoying the western lifestyle, are trying to foment trouble in Punjab and India by raising divisive voices.

Payal MLA Lakhbir Singh Lakha

Payal MLA Lakhbir Singh Lakha

MLA Lakhbir Singh Lakha said that for such ISI-backed Sikhs with ulterior motives, Referendum 2020 is merely a money-making exercise. He said that such people have no love for Sikhs or humanity and are just organising it to please their ISI backed masters.

He said that such fringe elements should first come and see the ground reality in Punjab and they would themselves find that there are no takers for their malicious campaign. He said there are no takers for this campaign in the state as people want peace and development. He said that during the 10-year rule of SAD-BJP in Punjab, nothing was done for the welfare for our youth, due to which our youth has fallen prey to drugs. He stated that the Capt Amarinder Singh led Punjab government is now working hard to bring our youth in the mainstream and make them self-dependent.

He said only a handful of frustrated Sikhs, based in western countries, were backing the campaign, which he said will not last long. He said that if they really concerned about the Sikh youth and want to help them, then they should come forward and contribute in the development of Punjab.

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