NHAI barred from collecting toll tax at Ladowal toll plaza on Jalandhar-Ludhiana highway

nhai toll collection banned
Collection of tax at Ladowal toll plaza by NHAI banned by lok adalat

The Court said that the toll plaza could be shut down permanently if the NHAI defies its order

The Hush Post: Permanent Lok Adalat, Kapurthala, has barred National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) from collecting tax at Ladowal toll plaza near Phillaur. The court also added that the toll plaza could be shut down permanently if the NHAI defies its order. “The road does not comply with safety provisions under the Control of National Highway, Land and Traffic Act, 2000… Accidents have increased day by day in an area of 10 km falling within the jurisdiction of Chaheru police station… Hence, the NHAI is stopped from charging toll at the barrier till the compliance of the order,” stated the order given by Judge Manju Rana.

The toll plaza, which charges Rs 185 for a round trip, reportedly generates revenue of Rs 20 lakh every day. Over 40,000 vehicles cross the toll plaza everyday on the Jalandhar- Ludhiana highway. The NHAI manager at the toll plaza said he has not received any orders regarding the closure of collection of toll tax. The barrier continues to charge toll tax.

The court observed that the NHAI had been unable to control the flow of overloaded vehicles running at a speed of 100 to 120 kmph, even as 71 accidents had been reported in the area in the past five years and a majority of the victims had died.

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