LUDHIANA MC POLLS RIGGING: A facebook live of a victim-voter

The Hush Post: It is something the State Election Commission can take cognisance of. Ludhiana Municipal Corporation polls were not free and fair. Large scale rigging happened in some of the polling stations, particularly in Ward no 44.

A facebook video of a distraught couple has emerged in which Annie Kaur a voter who was denied voting, says, she was stopped from casting her vote by anti-social elements belonging to one party or the other, she can’t say which. Annie is a voter of Ward No 44. Annie says in the video, “Some youth came and they started pressing voting machine buttons incessantly,” probably for their candidate. She adds,“By the time I went in to vote, my vote had been cast by somebody. I was told by the people there that my vote has been already cast. Even if you want to press the button you can,” which would have been a mere formality.

Her husband, who is a voter of Ward No. 45, says through the same video: “When I and my wife went to cast her vote, the moment we entered, about 70-80 people entered and all the people were made to sit to one side. They said that the machine has encountered some problem. It took them 10 to 12 minutes inside, and outside we kept hearing the noise of a beep similar to the one when a vote is cast. After my wife pressed the button —a mere formality since it was already cast, another couple came in to vote and after having cast their vote the couple asked if they could cast one more time, and the agents said, they of course could go ahead and cast their vote one time more.” Annie’s husband through a video has said that the government should look into it as the MC polls conducted were a mere facre.

Candidates from Ward No 44:

Harkarandeep Singh Vaid — (Congress)

Meetpal Singh Dugri Shiromani Akali Dal

Jai Kishan Mittal — Lok Insaaf Party

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