Video of 5-year-old girl tortured by SGD Grammar School staff Ludhiana emerges till her hands showed swelling| WATCH VIDEO

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The Hush Post|3:49 pm|one-miute-read|

Days after a class XI student of SGD Grammar School, Ludhiana committed suicide reports of physical violence and torture of students as small as five-year-olds are emerging.

A five-year-old girl Ravneet Kaur was beaten up till her hands showed swelling on November 22. Here is the video recorded by the father of the child itself after she was beaten up so badly that her hands turned red.

In the video, her father Parminder Singh also shows some injuries on the head of the child. The next day on November 23, when Parminder went to school to register his complaint, he was told “this is how the school functions, do what you want. Nothing will change here.”(sic)

Speaking to The Hush Post, Parminder Singh confirmed that he went to the school management confronting them that a teacher had beaten up his daughter. However, the management told him that he should withdraw both his wards from the school.

Five days later the worst happened when Dhananjay killed himself due to humiliation and torture

Just five days later, 17-year-old Dhananjay Tiwari who committed suicide was humiliated, beaten up and driven to the point where he committed suicide.

He was beaten with belts and stripped of his trousers by the teacher and principal.

Later, Dhananjay made a video accusing the teacher, principal and the director of the school.

Dhananjay’s mother Mithilesh Rani, who lives in Gurmel Nagar, went to the terrace at 3 am on Friday. She found Dhananjay hanging from a noose. He was rushed to the hospital but died on the way.

While the police have lodged a case against principal Saroj Sharma, director Prabhudatta and teacher Poonam. All accused are still at large.

Now, there is a protest near the school premises. The students are demanding closure of school or that the government should take over.

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