At Umbrella Café you get a feeling of being in Greece

Jasnoor Kaur, The Hush Post: Hardly a year old, Umbrella Cafe, Sarabha Nagar in comparison to other cafés has one of the best interiors in Ludhiana. This place gives one the feeling of being in Greece. The vast variety of food options and the unique theme is what has appealed to the people of Ludhiana.

“The interior looks like inspired from Santorini in Greece because of major use of white and blue. The focus on details is very good but it would have been a lot better if the types of food that they serve and their service matched the concept of their interiors,” says interior designer Hargun Bakshi.

It is true that their food has remarkably improved over these months, but that’s still a thing that needs improvement. The minimum spacing between the seats is yet another issue.

At Umbrella Café you get a feeling of being in Greece

Umbrella Cafe, Sarabha Nagar Ludhiana.

Different people have different opinions about the place and being in Sarabha Nagar close to different schools, it attracts a lot of students and youngsters.

“Umbrella café is something new and attractive. It is something that has never been seen before in Ludhiana. Especially, the cheese and pizza fries is something I never saw in my life before going there. The décor, ambiance, interior, food, and music played are just perfect. The slow service is the only weak point,” says a student Akarsh Arneja.

“The place where I found white peace and good food with fast service,” says Parminder Singh who gave 5 stars to Umbrella café on Facebook.

They have a great menu which doesn’t only have pasta, pizza but also sushi, several Indian dishes and 10 kinds of fries. They also have a liquid nitrogen counter which serves nitrogen biscuits, popcorn, nachos, and marshmallows.

“The food is first-class and the quantity is satisfying. Staff is friendly and polite with service kind of slow but bearable,” says Amardeep Kaur, a teacher in Ludhiana.

This is a place which has received mixed reviews from the people of Ludhiana but still rises up to be under the top cafés of Ludhiana.

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