Meet the Ludhiana CBSE Class XII toppers: Astha, Kanika and Tatsum

Astha Bamba
Astha Bamba

The Hush Post: Third in CBSE Class XII exams all across the country, Ludhiana’s Astha Bamba, a student of BCM Arya Model School, does not come across as a Class XIIth student. She is mature to talk to and beyond her years, it seems.

She is someone who knows the micro-insight of the latest goings-on in the world of news. An avid reader, currently she is reading Durbar by Tavleen Singh. So what are her hobbies? “I like to read. I read Agatha Christie, William Shakespeare, Sidney Sheldon. She is already through with King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Hamlet, or the likes of Gone with a Wind. “I don’t mind reading the current lot like journalist Rana Ayub and Astha follows Rana’s twitter handle and knows the world around us like any political animal.” Rana Ayub has been recently in news for threats that she has received from the fringe elements in the country.

Astha studied English, Economic, Sociology, Political Science, Mass Media in Class XII. How was she able to score 99.4 per cent and she says, “In fact, on certain days I never studied but on other days I did as much was required. No going overboard about the number of hours.”

So what does she intend to do next? She says, her next step is going to Delhi — “Probably, I will look for an admission in may be Lady Sri Ram College or Hindu or St Stephen.”

Astha scored a perfect 10 CGPA in class X when she was a student of Sacred Heart Convent School, BRS Nagar. Despite a perfect score, she didn’t go the normal course while choosing her stream. Where most high scoring students go for either Medical, Non-Medical or Commerce, she chose Humanities because in her words: “I have love for the language. I like literature, and like reading a lot.”

Both of Astha’s parents run a tuition centre and specialise in Maths and English.

Next on the list of toppers is Tatsum Kharbanda who scored 98.4 per cent in Commerce. He is from KVM Civil Lines. However, he clarifies nobody expects this much. I


expected 96 per cent marks and got to here. But the key is that you don’t have to burden yourself instead you have to believe. And you could have two-three friends who could motivate you. Tatsum too may hit the road to North Campus in Delhi.

Kanika at 98.2 per cent is the Non-Medical topper from BCM Shastrinagar. “I used to set day goals and accomplished them.” Kanika scored 100 marks in Maths which she attributes to her father, or in other words her genes. Kanika too it seems is going to go to Delhi and has a humble ambition of teaching Maths. “May be I would want to be a Lecturer of Mathematics,” she says.

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