Constable Manpreet posted with ADCP Paramjeet Singh Pannu shoots himself dead

Constable Manpreet Singh dead
Manpreet Siingh posted with ADCP Paramjeet Singh Pannu shot himself dead.

The Hush Post: Constable Manpreet Singh who was posted with ADCP Paramjeet Singh Pannu at Jalandhar killed himself with an AK-47 rifle.

31-year-old Manpreet was alone when the incident took place.

As per the information received, he shot himself on Sunday, but no one had any knowledge of it. It wasn’t till Monday that people came to know about his death and they started gathering near thana Kotwali as the news of a constable’s death spread, who was later identified as Manpreet.Manpreet Singh

It is learnt that Manpreet did not present himself on duty on April 11. On April 13, he was alone since his wife along with his daughter had gone to Sangrur to her mother’s place.

While neighbours saw him last on Sunday, several members of his family tried to call him up on Monday but got no response. Finally, when they arrived they found Manpreet in a pool of blood.

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