Property dealer shot at in Dabba Ludhiana; WATCH VIDEOS

youth shot at in Ludhiana

The Hush Post| 9:39 am|one-minute-read

A property dealer was shot at by a youth wearing a handkerchief as mask in Dabba, Ludhiana. The victim has been identified as Sharan Pal Singh, a property dealer.

30-year-old Sharan was out walking his dog in the morning. That is when the youth came and shot at him. After committing the crime, the youth made a dash. In the video which has been procured he can be seen running with an uncovered face.

At the end of this video the youth wearing a face mask can be seen shooting at SharanPal

The Hush Post spoke to his brother Varinder Pal Singh who confirmed the incident. However, he said he had no idea as to what led to the incident.

In the video below the accused can be seen running with the mask after committing the crime

At present, the victim is under treatment in the ICU at Apollo Hospital, Ludhiana. The doctors have said that the injury is critical and the next 36 to 48 hours are crucial for his life.



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