First Rare Reconstruction surgery in Ludhiana for erectile dysfunction

penile dysfunction

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Surjit Singh (name-changed) was on the verge of annulment of his second marriage owing to erectile dysfunction. That is when he consulted Dr Anand Sehgal, Director, Urology, Deep Hospital, Model town, Ludhiana.

Surjit is a Non-Resident Indian residing in Canada and could not find any answer to his problem there. Medics at Deep Hospital diagnosed his problem as erectile dysfunction and suggested him surgery for the same.

On 17th November he was taken up for penile implant surgery in fully equipped extra-modern operation theatre of Deep Hospital. The surgery involves insertion of imported inflatable silicone cylinders resulting in absolutely normal erectile function. Most important precaution to be taken during this surgery is to maintain bacteria-free environment throughout the procedure and precise installation of the implant.

The surgery took 2.5 hours and was completed successfully. The implant put in was from American Medical Systems (AMS) company. This is number a one in the world for making these implants. The patient was eating food the same evening and was discharged from hospital on second-day, post-operation.

This surgery is a boon for those patients of erectile dysfunction who do not respond to medical treatments. This problem can be due to different conditions including diabetes mellitus, decreased blood supply (due to atherosclerosis), hormonal imbalance etc. This problem is rising in our society due to life-style changes (sedentary life-style), stress, lack of exercise, addictions especially smoking and unhealthy dietary habits.

Dr Baldeep Singh, Managing Director of Deep Hospital said that world-class reconstructive urology work is being done in his state-of-the-art hospital so that people do not need to go to other cities or out of country for this kind of advanced surgeries.

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