2-yr-old daughter of temple priest shot at in Kidwainagar, Ludhiana


The Hush Post| 8:09 am|one-minute-read

A two-year-old girl was allegedly shot at near Shiv Shakti mandir near a mosque in Kidwai Nagar, Ludhiana yesterday in the evening hours.

The victim has been identified as Bhavguni. She was in the lap of her mother who was walking on the first floor of her house when the incident took place.

Bhavguni suddenly fell from Meera’s lap and started bleeding profusely. She took her to the hospital that is when she was told that she had been hit by a bullet.

Bhavguni is admitted to Deep hospital where she is undergoing treatment.

Bhavguni’s father Deepak Sharma is a temple priest. He said, “At about 6 pm my wife Meera was standing on the rooftop with my daughter. Suddenly, my daughter had a huge jerk in her head and fell from the lap of her mother. When Meera checked, she was shocked to see her head bleeding. She then immediately raised an alarm and girl was rushed to the Deep Hospital for treatment.”

“We are not sure from where bullet was fired and hit my daughter. We don’t have enmity with anyone. Fortunately, my son Raghav was not there otherwise the bullet could have hit him. She is being operated at the moment,” said the wailing father.

Prima facie, it could also be a case of someone indulging in celebratory fire gone wrong.

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