Goat blood for treatment of thalassaemia patients! Government project coming up in Ludhiana


The treatment is done using the ‘Raktabasti’ ayurvedic method wherein goat blood is given as an enema to the patients.

The Hush Post: Goat blood for treatment of thalassaemia! Sounds strange, but it’s true and soon such treatment will be available in Punjab too. A first of its kind at the state-level, the project will come up at government ayurvedic hospital in Ludhiana’s Model Gram, reported Jagran.com. The cost of the project is estimated at Rs. 36 lakh and the Centre has already released Rs. 13 lakh for the same, reported the website.

”The project has been given a go ahead by the Centre. Funds have reached and the treatment will start soon”, Jagran.com quoted Rakesh Sharma, Director, Ayurvedic Department, Punjab, as saying.

Children suffering with thalassaemia major to be frequently given fresh blood transfusions. However, at Government Akhandanand Ayurvedic Hospital in Ahmedabad the treatment is done using the ‘Raktabasti’ ayurvedic method wherein goat blood is given as an enema to the patients. The hospital was the first to introduce this technique and has a dedicated blood enema centres.

Dr. Hemant Kumar, In-charge, Government Ayurvedic Hospital, Ludhiana, said that a team six ayurvedic doctors from Punjab had visited the Akhandanand Ayurvedic Hospital in Ahmedabad a few months back and now have returned after acquiring the training for treatment of thalassaemia major using goat blood. He informed that the work on the project in Ludhiana will start in September. Ludhiana Municipal Corporation’s slaughter house has been contacted for procuring goat blood, he said.

The therapeutic use of different types of animal blood like Mrug (Deer), Gau (Cow), Mahish (Buffalo) and Aja (Goat) are described in Charak Samhita. Raktabasti treatment is selected from the Charak Samhita Siddhisthana Chapter-6/82,83. Goat blood or Aja Rakta is administered through ano rectal route by drip-method from where it reaches the large intestine and the blood corpuscles are absorbed into the body. This technique reduces the risk of infections passed through blood transfusions.

According to a research paper of the International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, the technique ensures that the haemoglobin levels do not go down drastically in patients, with blood transfusion needs of patients being reduced to half or even less in some cases.

Ayurvedic texts state that goat is the healthiest animal on earth. No other infections or viruses are detected in the goat blood. So it is very safe for use in human body. Also, Basti is a very effective treatment in Ayurveda. Because of the ano-rectal route Aja Rakta does not mix with human blood directly. So it is free of risks and complications.

With haemoglobin levels in paediatric patients depleting, children suffering from thalassemia have to be frequently given fresh blood transfusions. Such frequent transfusions become a major hassle for the children as well as their parents. In case of children with rare blood group, identifying donors for them is also a major challenge.

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