Ludhiana’s 6-year-old Inayat Verma to star in Abhishek Bachchan film

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Ludhiana cannot be more proud to be home to a little girl who is full of life and smiles. We are talking about the exceptionally talented Inayat Verma. Moreover, at the age of just six, she has achieved quite a lot. With her acting skills, she has been performing challenging roles on screen.

Born and brought up in Ludhiana, Inayat has achieved so much at this young age.

She has participated in Sabse Bada Kalakaar, India’s Best Dramebaaz and managed to win hearts of millions of people with her cute smile and extra ordinary skills. Also, she has done a YouTube advertisement for HP Printers. Furthermore, this 6-year girl has also done an interview of Salman Khan.

Her hard work paid when she was awarded with a prize money of Rs one lakh when she entered as a finalist in India’s Best Dramebaaz.

This little shining star hopefully would reach great heights one day. At present, she is shooting episodes of Kitchen Champion where she is a child judge. Also, she is shooting for a movie starring Abhishek Bachchan which will be releasing before the end of this year. The movie will be directed by Anurag Basu. 

This cute drama queen has a positive outlook towards life. She isn’t afraid of winning or losing, rather focuses on giving her best.

Once on the show, she said that she wants to be like Alia Bhatt. Many celebs have adored this beautiful kid.

“She had been interested in acting since the age of 4. She used to enact some random characters from television. Surprisingly, when I and my mother used to talk, she used to enact that too. The journey from a common girl to a participant in reality shows has been amazing. I and my husband are quite happy that our kid is investing her time on activities that she loves and things that give her knowledge.”, quoted Inayat’s mother, Monika Verma.

Here is an old video promo of her one of the best performances on India’s Best Dramebaaz that made the audience as well as the judges cry.

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