Incorrect I-T returns filed in Ludhiana, Bangalore, Mumbai; Income Tax Dept issues warning

Income tax returns

The Hush Post: After stumbling upon evidence of malpractices in filing income tax returns in Ludhiana, Bengaluru and Mumbai, the Income Tax Department has cautioned salaried taxpayers against claiming incorrect deductions or under-reporting income.
The advisory said such offences are punishable under various provisions of the Income Tax Act and warned people against using the services of “unscrupulous intermediaries”, as reported in a national daily. False information in filing of taxes will incur action from other enforcement agencies for further action, it read.
I-T surveys in the three cities pointed to some salaried employees claiming tax benefits for house property even when they did not own any property. Instances also came up of some people claiming deductions for donations or contributions to certain institutions when none were actually made.

In Bangalore, it was noticed that some employees from leading technology companies had made wrong claims in their tax returns through a man who posed as a chartered accountant.

“We have referred some cases from Bangalore and Ludhiana to CBI and the advisory has been issued to ensure that young boys and girls do not resort to such malpractices or fall prey to unscrupulous elements,” a senior I-T officer, said.

The I-T advisory further read, “The I-T department has an extensive risk analysis system aimed at identifying persons who are non-compliant and aim to subvert the trust based system envisioned while processing of ITRs (returns) at CPC Bangalore”.

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