42 drug addicts rescued from rehab centre in Ludhiana

42 rescued from drug rehab in Ludhiana

The Hush Post: The Punjab Police has rescued 42 drug addicts from a rehabilitation centre in Ludhiana after receiving complaints that they were being ill-treated and abused at the centre. The rehab patients were taken to the civil hospital in Ludhiana after freeing them from the Disha rehabilitation centre which is unregistered. 42 rescued from drug rehab in Ludhiana

“The centre was working illegally. We will now do MLR, medical, blood and other tests of these people. The motive of rehabilitation centre is to help these people lead a normal lifestyle so that they never think about drugs again,” a doctor from the hospital told news agency ANI.

The chief ministers of Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand  and Himachal had recently decided to set up a common secretariat in Panchkula to tackle the issue of drug menace in their respective states.

According to a United Nations report, Punjab has the second highest number of drug addicts in India. According to Guru Nanak University, 73.5% of those aged 16-35 are drug addicts. In Punjab, Daulewala village in Moga district is ill-famed for almost every person in the village,including children,  indulging in drug smuggling. The village sarpanch too has been jailed for drug smuggling.

Of the 88 self-proclaimed de-addiction centres in Punjab, only 23 are official. The rest of the 65 illegal centres often pose a risk to the well-being of the victims of drug abuse already fighting drug withdrawal symptoms.

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