2 school children injured as man breaks window panes of bus at Kochhar Market following scuffle with bus driver

Kochhar Market accident

The Hush Post: Two school children were injured and had to be hospitalised after an Activa owner who was ‘hit’ by a bus started breaking the window panes of the bus.

The incident happened at Kochhar Market here today in the afternoon. The bus driver was backing up the bus when it just touched the Activa, fortunately, nothing serious happened. As a result, the owner of the Activa in a rush of blood started a scuffle with the driver of the bus. Not satisfied, he started breaking the bus window panes as children started crying in fear.

After the incident, the bus driver drove to the Kochhar Market police station to register a complaint. However, the culprit, the Activa owner had already fled the scene.

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