100 houses under Jagraon bridge, Ludhiana demolished for its widening and repair

Ludhiana Jagraon Bridge

The Hush Post: About 100 houses were razed to the ground under the Jagraon bridge which is under repair and reconstruction in Ludhiana.

The Municipal Corporation team came in the morning and started pulling down one of the oldest houses built in old Ludhiana.

There are approximately 100 houses and a total population of about 400 people who would be displaced as a result of this drive.

Those displaced have said that the administration will shift them to Giaspura or Mundia, however, there hasn’t been a final call on that.

Most of these people who would be temporarily relocated do menial jobs in the railways.

Raju, one of the displaced persons, said, “I have been living here since my birth and before that my father and grandfather were here, died here as well. The administration has told us that they will shift us. Either to Giaspura or Mundia.”

Similarly, Vikas who too would be displaced said that he is going to be displaced. But the problem is that after displacement, they will be given one flat for three to four families.

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