Over 80-yr-old Ludhiana couple seek divorce after 50 yrs of marriage

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While the 85-year-old husband is living in an old age home, 83-year-old wife lives in a separate house

The Hush Post, Ludhiana: In a peculiar case, an octogenarian couple from Ludhiana is fighting a divorce case after over 50 years of their marriage.

Their case came up for hearing at the National Lok Adalat held at district courts on Saturday. Even an exhaustive counselling by the judges failed to convince the couple not to press for separation. But, the couple is adamant to part ways, a report said.

While the 85-year-old husband is living in an old age home, 83-year-old wife lives in a separate house.

The report said this came as a shock to the judges as the couple has three well-settle daughters.

Since the efforts to convince the elderly couple went in vain, the court has summoned their daughters on next hearing.

“It surprises us when couples in the evening of their lives want to separate. This is the time when couples need each other the most and the trend is thus alarming. One reason for such cases is an increased awareness, especially among women. Rising intolerance is another cause,” Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM)-cum-Secretary, District Legal Service Authority, Gurpreet Kaur, said.

“In the past, husbands and especially wives were expected to put up with undesirable behaviour and ‘adjust’ for the sake of the family, but not anymore. Increased awareness is another reason for the couples seeking divorce in the sunset of their lives,” Gurpreet Kaur further said.

“Marriage is about adjustment, couples are just not willing to adjust with each other. It’s indeed shocking and disappointing to see aged coupes with their children settled take to courts,” Ludhiana District and Sessions Judge Gurbir Singh was quoted as saying in the report.

Similarly in a previous Lok Adalat in July, a 75-year-old man and his wife, who were seeking a divorce, were unsuccessfully counselled.

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