Man attempts to abduct infant girl in Ludhiana | WATCH VIDEO

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The Hush Post / 04:35 pm / 2-min-read 

A man was caught on camera trying to kidnap a small girl while the family was sleeping outside their house at Rishi Nagar locality in Ludhiana.

Luckily, the attempt to abduct the girl failed as the mother woke up and raised an alarm. Neighbours rushed out of their houses on hearing the shouts. They caught the abductor and handed him over to the PAU police station.

The girl’s mother, Kanchan, said that after having their meal, she slept on a cot with her son outside the house. Her daughter slept on another cot with another family member. At around 1 am, the abductor came and took her daughter in his lap. When the child cried, she woke up and snatched her child from him.

The abductor had brought a ‘rehda’ to take away the child, as seen in the footage. Once the alarm was raised, he sped away from the incident site but caught later.

After going through the CCTV footage, the police identified the accused as Jaspal, who belongs to the same locality.

The PAU SHO said the accused seemed to be a drug addict.


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