Maintain your diet plan along with great taste at The Nutrition Cafe, Ludhiana

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Are you one of the foodies who loves to explore the newest restaurants in the town? Undoubtedly, you’ll find a lot of restaurants near you satisfying your requirements. But aren’t you forgetting the diet plan that your gym trainer gave you? Don’t worry, we have found a place where you can have your favourite food which is 100% healthy and nutritious. We are talking about The Nutrition Cafe, Ludhiana.

For all the diet-conscious people in Ludhiana, this is a must-visit place. The ambience, the healthy and nutritious food will make you fall in love with this place.

All myths about the taste plus nutrition in a single food item break down only at The Nutrition Café. It makes sure that your food is nutritious and healthy. Especially, in today’s world when being healthy is necessary. Surprisingly, the café has helped many sportspersons and fitness freaks to reach their body goals. Moreover, they keep on inviting different fitness freaks to their café. One of them is Shweta Mehta who is a famous fitness enthusiast and Roadies winner.

The Nutrition Café prepares food using fresh ingredients. The list includes fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, shakes, Burger, Sandwich, Salad, Fruit juices, Pizza, and Pasta. All these food items keep you full without messing up with your diet plan.

Also, you can also order food from Zomato and Swiggy, so now you can have their nutritious food right at your place.

Equally important, its ambience is worth visiting for. The sitting area is attractive and clean. Also, the place is covered with the plants and greenery along with sitting arrangements in wood.

Undoubtedly, The Nutrition Café is the perfect place wherein one can get nutritious food with great ambience.

Also, this place is not too expensive for customers. 500 for two people is what Zomato offers.


·         Valet parking

·         No alcohol

·         Gluten-free options

·         Free-Wifi

·         Indoor seating plus outdoor seating

·         All day breakfast


CONTACT- 0161 410 0083

ADDRESS- 13, Pakhowal Road, Sant Isher Singh Nagar, Sargodha Colony, Gurdev Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001

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