Mishap waiting to happen: Retaining wall of famous Gill flyover in Ludhiana collapses, MC says rats did it

Photo courtesy: babushahi.com
Photo courtesy: babushahi.com

The Hush Post: Parts of the retaining wall of Gill Chowk flyover, one of the landmarks of industrial city Ludhiana, passing through the heart of the city collapsed on Sunday night.

The traffic on the flyover was halted before any unfortunate incident could happen. The officials of Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana, rushed to the spot as soon as they were informed about it by some alert citizens.

Superintending Engineer, Roads and Bridges, MCL, Dharam Singh said that the exact cause of the collapse was being looked into. “Probably the wall eroded due to problem of rats in the area,” he said.

The road over the flyover is intact but traffic has been closed to ensure safety of commuters and for repair work. People who live and work in the area have alleged that the Municipal Corporation had been informed of the deteriorating condition of the wall a few months ago, but nobody from the  MC came to look into the matter. The wall could not have been damaged overnight by rats, they rued.

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