Third accused in Ludhiana gangrape arrested from Khanna, 3 more to be arrested


The Hush Post| 12:29 pm |one-minute-read

The third accused in the Ludhiana gangrape case has been arrested from Khanna today in the morning. He has been identified as Sorbhu. Earlier, in a press conference the police had named him as Soorma.

A girl accompanying her friend on the South City road in Ludhiana was gangraped by six men on Saturday night. It looked almost like a repeat of a Nirbhaya like incident.

Yesterday in the evening, Jagrup Singh, 32, a resident of Ludhiana was arrested. He is believed to be the mastermind according to the statements given by the victim and her friend.

In the initial complaint the girl had said that 9 to 10 men were involved in the crime. However, yesterday after the arrest of one of the accused Sadiq Ali, it became clear that six men were involved in committing the crime.

The six of them have been identified as Sadiq Ali, Jagrup Singh, Ajay Kumar, Saif Ali, Soorma and one more unknown related to Soorma.

In all, 18 people were picked up who had criminal record. Thereafter, the police zeroed in on these six, through Sadiq and Jagrup.

Notably, the incident took place on Saturday when the victim and her friend had gone on a drive towards South City in Ludhiana. There the two were escorted by these men the girl was raped by six men.

The complaint was lodged on Sunday evening.

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