Aanchal Malhotra, Ludhiana

Has anything changed since the last time any mishap took place in some industry? Have we learnt any lessons? Have there been efforts to change the scenario? Well, everytime such a news flashes on media, i can recall the answer as a Big ‘No’.

Since childhood we are taught – prevention is better than cure. But its really unfortunate that we give a damn to this quote which is 100 percent accurate in present day scenario.

Mishaps like this occur too often in our country but in the end we are a mute witness to a never ending blame game which is just like a ping pong game where one player tosses ball to the other. Like in case of the collapse of the Ludhiana factory the blame is being passed by one department to another. Though the owner of the factory has been arrested and remanded to police custody but till date no action on any government officer has been taken.

Mishaps, no doubt, can occur anywhere and at any time. They cannot be averted always. However, at the individual level one can take  precautions, apply appropriate safety standards, look into social welfare activities rather than only profit making and treat a worker as an equal. At the government level, a special department can be formed to devise policies and programmes to check, monitor, analyse and prevent such accidents in future.

As it is said – its not a mistake to make a mistake but its a mistake to repeat the same mistake. So, instead of reacting to the sorry state of affairs , its time to act and bring a change on our own level, in our mindset and attitudes to foster better working conditions and a safer environment.



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