Youth climbs electric pole in protest, loses balance gets electrocuted in Gyaspura; stone-pelting begins in the area

Gyaspura youth electrocuted

The administration wanted them to vacate illegally occupied govt flats

The Hush Post: A youth in his mid-20s got electrocuted in Gyaspura, Ludhiana while protesting against administration’s drive, which was trying to vacate illegally occupied government flats.

The victim climbed an electric pole at Gyaspura protesting against the drive. The officials and his relatives and friends were coaxing him to climb down but he kept threatening them, should anyone come near him he will touch the high-voltage electric wire.

But just when, he was yelling at people on the ground, he lost his balance on top of the electric pole. In order to retain balance, he inadvertently touched the electric wire. This resulted in a huge ball of fire around him which electrocuted him. Subsequently, he fell down, his full body crippled. He was immediately taken to the hospital. His condition is stated to be serious.

At present, the youth is admitted to CMC Hospital, Ludhiana. Meanwhile, the anguished agitators are pelting stones now while the law enforcement agencies are trying to pacify the crowd.

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