Drug-addict girl reached Moga SSP’s office says, wants to quit ‘chitta’

The Hush Post|17:00 pm|1-min-read

On Thursday, a 17-year-old drug-addict girl reached the office of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Moga, Punjab and sought help to leave drugs. However, the girl was taken to a government hospital where she underwent a medical check-up and other tests.

The girl told the police that drugs are easily available in Moga. While talking to the media persons, she said, “I got addicted to drugs when I was just 12. My mother passed away and after that my father left me as he got remarried. Then I started working at a beauty salon in Moga to arrange money for drugs. I have been taking drug (chitta) for five years now. But now I want to leave this addiction. Hence, I have come to ask for help.”

When asked how she got addicted to heroin, she said, “Some of my friends introduced me to drugs.”

Meanwhile, the girl was accompanied by the members of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Satkar Committee, a  group which helps addicts get treatment. The district president of the committee, Raja Singh Khukrana told that the girl got addicted while suffering from depression after her mother died and her father abandoned her.

Further he added, “We got in touch with her and when she said she wants to leave this habit, we decided to help her”.

Moga DSP (City) Paramjit Singh said that girl has been admitted to hospital and her treatment has begun. “If she names any persons or particular sellers, we will file an FIR and arrest them. She has told us that drugs were available at a parlour where she used to work. We will probe that too”.



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