Gangster Dilpreet claims responsibility for firing at Parmish through facebook post; the singer is stable now

The Hush Post: Most wanted gangster Dilpreet Singh Dhahan has claimed responsibility for firing at famous Punjabi singer Parmish Verma.

The gangster took the responsibility on a facebook page. He wrote: “I Dilpreet Singh Dhahan wish to tell everyone that I have shot Parmish Verma.”

This was followed by a direct message he left for Parmish Verma on this post. We are transliterating the message which reads as follows:

“You challenged me and told me to meet at any place and time. You thought I will not be able to do so. You managed to save yourself many times. But see for yourself, eventually what happened. I told you to listen and be reasonable otherwise I would have had to meet you to convince you directly. And look, that is what happened today. See, hasn’t it proved costly for you? Now that it has begun, we will see where and how it ends. Don’t be under the false impression that if something happens to me, you will go scot-free. I have only earned brothers (read friends).

You escaped death today but we will see how you manage to do so next time.”  

Now it is up to you figure out whether you want to listen to people or reason.

The Facebook post of Gangster Dilpreet Dhahan

As per the post there is an indication of some old enmity between the gangster and singer as the cause of crime. Dhahan is a gangster of Punjab wanted in a murder of a Sarpanch from Hoshiarpur.

The post by Dhahan received nearly 1,200 likes, with more than 400 comments and shares.

According to sources, Parmish is stable and is recovering at Fortis Hospital, Mohali.


Famous Punjabi singer Parmish Verma shot at, admitted to Fortis Mohali

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