700 NRI wives in distress call home every month wanting to come back, mostly Punjabis, Gujaratis

Three NRI wives per day give a distress call back home.
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The Hush Post: More than 700 NRI wives in distress call home every month wanting to come back. Reason: ill-treatment, torture and sexual abuse.

As per the complaints received by the ministry of external affairs (MEA) in the last three years, about 3,300 such complaints were received by them in the period of 35 months between 2015 and 2017. Most of the complainants are natives of Punjab, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh.

A Punjabi girl unwilling to get named said her husband who lives in Melbourne, abandoned her because, “My mother had died of cancer and he told me that same could happen to me as well and he abandoned me within 20 days of marriage.”

Another victim Rajwinder Kaur said that her husband left for the US immediately after marriage. After two years, he sent divorce papers. I had to spend four days in jail because I wouldn’t leave my husband’s house. And his family got false cases filed against me of cheating, stealing, trespass, etc.

Another victim accused her NRI husband of sending divorce papers, the moment she asked him to consummate marriage. Yet another woman from Hoshiarpur said, her husband pilots a train in the UK. He simply told me that I was his holiday wife and that he had a wife and two grown-up kids in the UK. Satwinder Kaur, a Ludhiana based girl says, she too was cheated by her Ukraine based husband. Her brother and father both are army men and yet this is how she was dealt with.

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