Suspicious bag with live cartridges found near Pathankot airbase


The Hush Post: Police have confiscated a bag with three live cartridges and a map of Pakistan near the Pathankot airbase.


The police has confiscated the bag and are carrying out the investigations.

Earlier, about a week ago, Police and the Army launched a search operation in Pathankot and Gurdaspur. This, after movement of two suspicious persons roaming about in Army fatigues with weapons were spotted near Bamiyal on Sunday.

Pathankot and Gurdaspur — the districts, which has international border with the neighbouring Pakistan were put on high alert after a local resident, Maskin Ali informed the police about the suspects, who he had given lift in his car.

Pathankot airbase is considered to be very sensitive and strategic. Notably, on December 31, 2016 Pathankot airbase witnessed a terrorist attack by heavily armed men.

Then, four attackers and two security forces personnel were killed.


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