Here’s a couple in love married with the help of cops

Marriage in Police Station

The Hush Post: Married with the help of Police in the Police Station premises. Twenty-one-year-old woman was abandoned by her family when they came to know about her love affair.

She got married to her boyfriend at a police station and this was facilitated by none other than the cops.

The story began when a relative found Pardeep Kaur with the man she loved Rajinder Singh of Sanaur in Patiala, at a place just outside her village, Chhajomajra, 35 km from Ludhiana.  The relative thought they had gone there to get married against the wishes of the woman’s parents. Pardeep’s family took the couple to the cops.

At the police station she refused to go home with her parents. She said she was “deeply in love” with Rajinder and wanted to tie a nuptial knot. The girl is a school drop-out and Rajinder, who is a matriculate, works in a farm. Now the family has disowned the girl. Police officials then asked her boyfriend if he wanted to marry her, and he nodded a yes. His parents, he said, didn’t have any objections, “but they could not make it for the wedding”. Kaur said, “I had only gone to meet him, but my family assumed I was eloping with him.”

For the wedding, the cops took on religious duties carried out otherwise by relatives. The rituals were performed at the station itself, said officials who were present.

According to a report in The Hindustan Times, though she is not well-educated, “my parents couldn’t have forced me to marry as per their choice, as I am an adult”. She said they told her never to come to the village again: “I have accepted their condition for the sake of my love.”

But how did they fall in love? Rajinder said it started with a simple phone call. “Around eight months ago, she called me by mistake, and apologised for the wrong number.” Then, they “started talking, and love followed.

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