Nabha jailbreak accused & Vicky Gounder accomplice Ramanjit traced to HongKong; Punjab govt seeks extradition

The Hush Post, Chandigarh: Punjab Police is seeking the deportation, from Hong Kong, of dreaded criminal Ramanjit Singh @ Romi, a mastermind of the sensational Nabha Jail Break and a key conspirator in the targeted killings in the state.

A formal request is being sent through diplomatic channels for the deportation of Romi, who is also a known facilitator for several of Punjab’s notorious gangsters, including slain Vicky Gounder, and ISI-backed Pak terrorists, according to a police spokesperson.

Romi, against whom a red corner notice had been issued, was nabbed recently in Hong Kong, where he had taken refuge after fleeing from India, in connection with a robbery in Choi HungEstate, Kowloon. The Punjab Police was informed about his arrest by the Interpol, said the spokesperson, who disclosed that Romi’s involvement had figured in the cases of targeted sectarian killings in Punjab, and he was also involved in drugs and weapons smuggling.

The spokesperson said that Romi was acting as “communication hub” and a link between Punjab gangsters and ISI backed Pak-based terrorists, and was coordinating their activities through WhatsApp, VoIP platforms and Social Media.

Romi had masterminded the Nabha Jail break while he was lodged there in June 2016 and, after his release on bail a month later, had fled to Hong Kong, from where he had facilitated the daring escape with the hZAelp of gangster, Gurpreet Singh Sekhon, who was still lodged at Nabha. Besides providing money, Romi had assured the escapees safe houses and had given his Hong Kong contact number for providing logistical support.

The spokesperson said that Romi’s name had figured prominently in the recently busted terror module that was responsible for seven hate killings in the state. Romi had told Jaggi that Dharmender Singh @ Gugni, a gangster lodged in Nabha Jail, had arranged weapons for Ramandeep Rathore, one of the two motorcycle borne hitmen in the target killing case.

Romi was also in touch with UK national Jagtar Singh Johal @ Jaggi, one of the key conspirators in the targeted killings of Hindu and Shiv Sena leaders, including that of Brig Jagdish Gagneja, Vice President of Punjab RSS Unit, in 2016. The two were in touch, through Harmeet Singh @ PHD, a known KLF terrorist based in Pakistan, and had spoken to each other at least thrice between May and July 2017, investigations had revealed.

The spokesperson further revealed that Romi was also acting as mediator to strike a deal between Gugni and Gounder, who were at loggerheads because of inter-gang rivalries. Besides the Nabha Jail break and the targeted killigs, Romi was also wanted for illegal

transference of funds for criminal and terror activities, abetting and facilitating terrorists, kidnapping and smuggling of weapons. He is also suspected to be a major conduit for drugs smuggling through his Pak-based contacts. The spokesperson said that after fleeing to Hong Kong, Romi managed to build an empire for himself and was continuing his nefarious terror activities and drug smuggling from there.

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