Punjab police transfers 130 DSPs; Find the list here


Home Department in Punjab is headed by Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh

The Hush Post: Punjab Home Department today transferred/posted around 130 Deputy Superintendents of Police (DSPs) on ‘administrative grounds’. It is pertinent to note that the Home Department in Punjab is headed by Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh himself who has taken a strict stance to curb the ever-increasing drug-menace in the state along with reining in the mining and sand mafia.

The list of the transferred Officers is as below:

  1. Dalbir Singh from DSP Special Branch, SBS Nagar TO ACP-5, Jalandhar
  2. Deepika Singh, ACP Crime Against Women, Jalandhar TO DSP/BOI, Punjab
  3. Dalbir Singh ACP/Control Room, Jalandhar TO ACP-3, Jalandhar
  4. Jaswinder Singh, DSP/SD/Rampura Phul TO ACP/Ind. Area, Luhdiana
  5. Gurpreet Singh from DSP Traffic Bathinda TO DSP/SD/Rampura Phul
  6. Dharam Pal from ACP/South, Ludhiana TO ACP/Crime Against Women, Ludhiana
  7. Randhir Singh ACP/Crime Against Women Ludhiana TO DSP/Intelligence Wing
  8. Waryam Singh from DSP/Vigilance Bureau Punjab TO ACP/Central, Ludhiana
  9. Mandip Singh, ACP/Central, Ludhiana TO DSP/V.B., Punjab
  10. Ramnish Kumar, DSP/Intelligence, Ludhiana TO ACP/Control Room, Ludhiana
  11. Surinder Pal, ACP/North Amritsar TO DSP/STF, Punjab
  12. Sarabjit Singh, ACP/Traffic, Amritsar TO ACP/North, Amritsar
  13. Dev Dutt, DSP/BOI, Punjab TO DSP/City, Gurdaspur
  14. Azad Davinder Singh, DSP City/Gurdaspur TO ACP/South, Amritsar
  15. Manjit Singh, ACP/South, Amritsar TO ACP/CR Amritsar
  16. Jaspreet Singh, DSP 13th Battalion, PAP, CHG TO ACP/East, Amritsar
  17. Prabhjot Singh, ACP/East Amritsar TO ACP/Traffic, Amritsar
  18. Mohinder Singh, ACP, Special Branch, Amritsar TO DSP 75th Battalion, PAP, Jalandhar Cantt.
  19. Davinder Singh, DSP City-1, Bathinda TO DSP Rural, Bathinda
  20. Gopal Chand, DSP Rural, Bathinda TO DSP 7th PAP, Jalandhar Cantt.
  21. Karnsher Singh, DSP/Investigation, Bathinda TO DSP City-II, Bathinda
  22. Vaibhav Sehgal , DSP 4th IRB (attached with FIU) TO DSP/SD/Fazilka
  23. Bahadur Singh, DSP/ HQ, Mansa TO DSP/Hqrs., Sangrur
  24. Narinder Singh, DSP/SD/Fazilka TO DSP/SD/Zira
  25. Jaspal Singh, DSP/SD/Zira TO DSP/Hqrs. Bathinda
  26. Bhupinder Singh, DSP/Investigation/Ferozepur TO DSP 5th CDO, Bathinda
  27. Virsa Singh, DSP 36th PAP, Bahadurgarh, Patiala TO DSP/Intelligence Wing
  28. Lakhvir Singh, DSP/SD/Ferozepur TO DSP 80th PAP, Jalandhar Cantt.
  29. Jasbir Singh, DSP/2nd CDO, Bns., Bahadurgarh TO DSP/Guru Harsahai
  30. Jaspal Singh, DSP/SD/Ferozepur TO DSP/80th PAP, Jalandhar Cantt
  31. Ranjodh Singh, DSP/3rd CDO/Bn., SAS Nagar TO DSP/HQ, Ferozepur
  32. Yadvinder Singh, DSP, Investigation, Faridkot TO DSP/City, Ferozepur
  33. Jaswir Singh, DSP/4th IRB, Pathankot TO DSP/Investigation, Faridkot
  34. Kuldeep Singh, DSP, STF TO DSP (JaiTO), Faridkot
  35. Satpal Singh, DSP/27th, PAP TO DSP/HQ/Moga
  36. Sarabjit Singh, DSP/Inv., Moga TO DSP/SD/Kapurthala
  37. Harinder Singh, DSP/82nd, PAP, Chandigarh TO DSP/Investigation, Moga
  38. Gurpreet Singh, DSP/Hqrs., SBS Nagar TO DSP/SD/Tanda, Urmur
  39. Kailash Chander, DSP 75th, PAP, Jalandhar Cantt. TO DSP/Hqrs., SBS Nagar
  40. Rajpal Singh, DSP Gidderbaha TO DSP/SD/Balachaur
  41. Anil Kumar, DSP Balachaur TO DSP/SD/Hoshiarpur
  42. Sukhwinder Singh, DSP/SD/Hoshiarpur TO DSP/Spl. Br., Hoshiarpur
  43. Rakesh Kumar, DSP Vigilance Bureau TO DSP/Investigation, Hoshiarpur
  44. Gurjitpal Singh, DSP/Investigation, Hoshiarpur TO DSP/27th, PAP, Jalandhar Cantt.
  45. Jang Bahadur, DSP/Hqrs., Hoshiarpur TO ACP/Licensing, Jalandhar
  46. Swaranjit Singh, DSP/3rd CDO Bn., SAS Nagar TO DSP, Hqrs., Hoshiarpur
  47. Rajinder Kumar, DSP/SD/Dasuya TO DSP/Investigation, Ferozepur
  48. Acchru Ram, DSP/SD/Tapa Mandi TO DSP/SD/Dasuya
  49. Tejinder Singh, DSP/Traffic/Punjab, Chandigarh TO DSP/Tapa Mandi
  50. Digvijay Kapil, DSP/Security & Control Room, SAS Nagar TO DSP/SD/Kartarpur


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