SAJJAN SINGH RANGROOT TRAILER-Diljit Dosanjh & Sunanda Sharma debut

The Hush Post: The trailer for Sajjan Singh Rangroot, the Diljit Dosanjh movie is out. And those of you who remember Saving Private Ryan, it is a Punjabi movie in that style and sense. It is a movie about a war between the British Indian forces fighting the German. It touches upon the themes of separation, alienation, bias, loss, at the same time it glorifies the bravery of Indian soldiers, especially Sikhs, who are ready to die for their masters. Sajjan Singh Rangroot is a period film which narrates the experiences of Sikh regiments in the war.

Sajjan Singh’s character is played by Diljit Dosanjh, a soldier in the British Indian Army’s Lahore Regiment. Sajjan goes to the frontlines to fight the enemy with his battalion of Sikh armymen in World War 1. During the war, the Indians are discriminated against, they’re told they aren’t good enough to fight. A British soldier even asks them if they knew how to use their rifles, to which Sajjan played by Diljit responds, “We don’t need rifles to tear people like you apart. We can do that with our bare hands.”

Sajjan Singh Rangroot trailer.
Trailer of Sajjan Singh Rangroot

The movie is based on a true story. It is directed by Pankaj Batra and it stars singer Sunanda Sharma, who will make her debut. The movie releases on March 23, which happens to be Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s birthday. Diljit, who says, Sajjan Singh Rangroot was a dream come true project, will later in the year be seen in Chakri Toleti’s Welcome to New York.

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