Outrage among Sikh bodies as doormats, rugs with images of Golden Temple appear on Amazon


The Hush Post |18:30 pm |one-minute-read

In an insensitive and sinister business move, doormats and rugs with the image of the Golden Temple were reportedly sold on Amazon in the US, drawing strong reaction from a prominent Sikh body there.

It asked the online retail giant to prohibit the sale of culturally inappropriate and offensive merchandise as per a report which appeared on NDTV.
The Sikh body ‘Sikh Coalition’ said in a statement on Tuesday that it was alerted to products such as doormats, rugs and toilet seat covers with the image of one of the most historically significant Sikh sites, the Golden Temple, being sold by some sellers on Amazon.
“It has come to our attention that several sellers are posting products onto your platform that culturally appropriate the imagery of the Golden Temple and spiritual imagery of other eastern cultures,” a Sikh Coalition functionary Sim Singh wrote in a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.
The products seem to have been removed from Amazon’s website now as a message that “Sorry, we couldn’t find that page” appears when running a search for the items.
Singh said “using religious or spiritual imagery on products that come into contact with unhygienic surfaces is offensive to all faiths”.
“The Golden Temple is no such exception and should never appear on rugs, bathmats, and toilet seat covers,” he wrote.
The Sikh Coalition asked Amazon that the objectionable items be permanently prohibited from sale. It has asked Amazon to ensure that such products donot appear on its platform.

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