56 swine flu deaths in region, Punjab accounts for maximum 27, Haryana & HP 8 & 9, Delhi 12

swine flu

The Hush Post| 21:40 pm |one-minute-read

North Indian states of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal and Delhi have reported 56 swine flu deaths this winter. Punjab has seen 27 deaths while Haryana and Himachal Pradesh have reported eight and nine deaths respectively. In Delhi, more than 600 people have tested positive for swine flu in Delhi. Apart from it, Delhi-based government-run hospitals have reported 12 deaths due to the H1N1 virus till Tuesday.

Delhi has the third highest number of people suffering from swine flu after Rajasthan and Gujarat. According to a senior health ministry official, Rajasthan has recorded 1,976 cases of swine flu and 76 deaths. Gujarat has reported 659 cases and 27 deaths.

Punjab has reported 27 deaths and 188 swine flu cases, Haryana eight deaths and 388 cases, Maharashtra 12 deaths and 96 cases, Uttar Pradesh 4 deaths and 215 cases while Kerala has reported 3 deaths and 100 cases so far.

Telangana has witnessed one death and 271 cases, while Karnataka has recorded 189 cases of H1N1. Jammu and Kashmir has reported 10 deaths and 121 cases.

According to a senior official at the Safdarjung hospital, three persons have died due to swine flu, but none of them are Delhi residents.

The RML has witnessed nine deaths, out of which 8 people belonged to Delhi and one hailed from Haryana.

Asked why the health ministry’s data doesn’t include the fatalities reported by these two hospitals in the city, a senior health ministry official said, “Our data is based on the figures given by state governments. Though RML and Safdarjung are Centre-run hospitals, they submit their data to the Delhi government.”

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