Punjabi Drama ‘Nadhoo Khan’ will release on 26th April | Watch Trailer

After several days of delay, the Punjabi movie ‘Nadhoo Khan’ has released its trailer. The film has been a subject of discussion on social media. The movie is all set to thrill the audience with its comedy, romance and drama. The trailer depicts a perfect combination of all of these mentioned. Basically, it is the story of an unsung hero ‘Nadhoo Khan’ whose legacy is spoiled but afterwards taken forward by his son.

Punjabi movie ‘Nadhoo Khan’, the popular Punjabi film, is scheduled to release on April 26. The trailer of the film releases its star cast including Harish Verma, actress Wamiqa Gabbi. Actor B.N. Sharma, Adarsh Bansal and Bharti Prashar are also featured in the movie. The director of film is Imran Sheikh and author is Sukhjinder Singh Babbal.

Further, other cast of the movie was also present on the ceremony. Hobby Dhaliwal, Gurchet Chitarkar, Baninder Bani, Harinder Bhullar, Managing Director of ‘Music Times’ and ‘Olympian Deepak Thakur, on behalf of Loud Rour Films’ were present.

The film is produced by Singh Devgan, Achint Goyal and Rakesh Dahiya.

On this occasion, the director of the film Imran Sheikh said that all the cast and crew cannot be thanked enough for such an exceptional work. The movie is expected to win hearts of the audience with its unique story line.

Actor Harish Verma said that this is going to be his first period drama movie. He would be seen in a different style for this movie. Also, he added this movie will be counted among his best and most memorable movies.

Wamiqa Habby also added that this movie is too going to be her first period drama, like her lead actor.

Wamiqa Gabbi with Harish Verma

The actress will be seen as a happy and innocent girl of a village, her character will be surely loved by the audience.  Hobby Dhaliwal also told that he has a strong role in the film. He will be seen in the role of Nayak’s grandfather. The movie is set in the beautiful places neighboring Rajasthan. While there is a presentation of old Punjabi culture in the film, the film also has a beautiful love story.

Viewers will watch a series of ancient Indian wrestlers in this film. Why is the name of the movie ‘Nadhoo Khan’ and who is Nadhoo Khan in the film? Only answers to these questions can be found on 26th April when the movie will be released. The film is being released internationally by ‘White Hill Studios’.



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