Python devours entire crocodile, see the action as it unfolds

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It was an incredible spectacle when Australia’s huge Olive python encountered a fresh water crocodile. The python devoured the entire freshwater crocodile in one slow but steady gulp.

Martin Muller captured the amazing moments in his camera while he was kayaking around the swamps of Mount Isa in Queensland.  Not terrified by the grisly sight, he stuck around to click the two battling animals. GG Wildlife Rescue Inc have shared the photographs on their Facebook page to a bewildered audience.

Olive pythons are one of the largest species of snake in Australia. They can grow up to 4 meters in length.  Generally, these huge snakes feed upon smaller creatures, including birds, bats, and rats, but are also know to feast on large reptiles, such as monitor lizards or crocodiles.

The crocodile devoured by the Olive python was definitely not small by any measure. Australian freshwater crocodiles or Johnson’s crocodiles grow an average of 1.5 meters from tail to snout.

Occassionally Johnson’s crocodiles eat small pythons, but this time around the tables turned.

Now starts the exhausting process of digestion. For something as large as this crocodile, it could take the python several months to fully digest it. Till then the Olive crocodile will needs a rest.


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