Question paper for Congress’ spokesperson exam leaked| Candidates resort to cheating

A written ‘examination’ was held by the Congress in Lucknow on Thursday for appointing around a dozen spokespersons in Uttar Pradesh.

The Hush Post: While the Congress is busy revamping its departments ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, all its efforts seem to go haywire. A written ‘examination’ was held by the Congress in Lucknow on Thursday for appointing around a dozen spokespersons in Uttar Pradesh; however, the party had to suffer a major embarrassment as the question paper got leaked before the exam.

Aspirants caught unawares

Around 68 candidates of the party took the exam which was held under the supervision party’s national spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi, who had specially come to Lucknow. It is learnt that the party leaders were caught unawares as Chaturvedi had brought along the question papers along with her.

Candidates resort to cheating

Media reports say that the spokesperson aspirants resorted to cheating inside the examination hall despite having access to the question paper prior to the exam. The paper was allegedly leaked by a member of the Congress Sewa Dal on Watsapp.

The paper consisted of 14 questions and was intended to test the knowledge of the candidates regarding the state, e.g. number of constituencies (reserved/unreserved), number of seats won by the party etc. Also there were questions pertaining to the policies and ideology of the Congress. There was no set time limit to answer the questions.

Subsequently, an interview was also held in the presence of UP Congress chief Raj Babbar to assess the language and communication skills of the candidates.

Raj Babbar downplays paper leak

Reacting to the reports of question paper leak, Raj Babbar said that there was no question of somebody passing or failing the exam. “There were some questions answers to which even I don’t know. We just want to assure that the persons to be chosen have a detailed knowledge of the state and the Congress”, said Babbar.

The Congress has such an arrangement already in place in Madhya Pradesh and is slowly extending the practice to other states as well. The results of the exam will be declared from Delhi. Raj Babbar had earlier dissolved the media committee of the UPCC.


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