If Rajdhani, Duronto, Shatabdi is late, you get a free meal of choice

Piyush Goyal, Railway Minister

The Hush Post: The Indian Railways isn’t known for being on time. While some delays are short, others run into hours. And then there is piling of passengers waiting for trains on the platform. From now onwards, these waiting periods just might be a little less inconvenient — courtesy the IRCTC’s policy. As per the policy which is going to be implemented across the board in Rajdhani, Duronto and Shatabdi Express.

This policy of the ‘Indian Railways’ is called a ‘train late’ situation. If your train is running two hours late than its arrival time, you will get a free meal, if you are travelling by Rajdhani, Duronto or Shatabdi.

As per the IRCTC the meal is going to be quite sumptuous with various options for those hungry.

Here is what’s going to be the menu.

 Tea and Coffee
Two biscuits, and some tea or coffee. You will get a CCM-approved biscuit brand, and sugar as well as sugar-free sachets (7gms) and a milk creamer sachet (5gms).

 Breakfast/Evening Tea
You will get four slices of bread, brown or white, you can choose. Along with that, you get 1-butter chiplet (8-10 gms). Among beverages, you get one 200 ml fruit drink, in a tetra pack, and a choice of tea or coffee. Again, accompaniments include sugar and sugar-substitutes, and a milk creamer sachet of 5 gms.

There are two dining options.
In the first option, you get 200 gm of rice, 100 gms of yellow dal or rajma/chickpeas as you choose, and 15 gm pickle sachets.

In the second dining option, you get seven pooris, totalling around 175 gms, another 100 gms of mixed vegetables or aloo bhaji, 15 gm pickle sachets and salt and paper sachets.


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